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This amazing cream is used for all hair styles and hair textures.
Brand Ambassdor include Jennifer Lord @NaturalHollywood

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Brand Ambassador Jennifer Lord of Natural Hollywood

JahRoots Hair & Skin Cream

Safiya Richards, daughter of Tonya Savage

JahRoots Hair & Skin Cream was created by my mother, Tonya Savage, starting in 2002. We started worked in a salon that was purchased by my grandmother and my mother siblings in 1998. During that time,  my mom developed a passion for creating a natural hair product currently known as “Jahroots Hair and Skin Cream” that was good for ‘her people’. Her people meaning those that have African & Native American descendants. During that time, there very limited products that was for the natural hair, and the ones that were labeled for natural hair contained too many unnatural ingredients to name.  The most common product that was used for natural hair during that time was beeswax and gel which would leave the hair feeling stiff, with residue on the hair and was nearly impossible to wash out. 

After 2 years of research, guidance from the Most High Spirit(Jah) and testing on my hair,  my mother developed the perfect hair cream.

The consistency of the cream is thick and gooey that melts into a pure, shiny oil that leaves your hair feeling soft and hydrated with oil. The gooeyness consistency helps bring control to every hair strand. This benefits of this product is so good I can write a book on how many ways JahRoots Hair & Skin Cream can be used. Some of the benefits includes softer and longer hair, longer hair maintenance and it also improves eczema and psoriasis. 

Word of mouth was the best way my mother tried to promote her magical cream and she promoted it every moment of each day.  However,  running a business was not her calling because her giving heart always lead creating little to no profit. Creating JahRoots Hair & Skin Cream and raising her four beautiful children were here biggest blessings. She is now developing Dementia and I am blessed to have the opportunity to take care of her and carry on her amazing creation of JahRoots Hair & Skin Cream. Our goal is to have JahRoots Hair and Skin Cream, the Thickest & Most Hydrating cream for all styles, dry scalp and extemely dry skin on stores shelves across the world!

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